4 Ways to make your website look, feel and convert better

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Website design seems to be such an easy task. One look at a website and most web designers would say, “I can make something like that easily”. The thing is; while most web designers are good at being creative, they seldom know exactly what makes a visitor convert. As a website owner, you don’t care about being ‘creative’ as much as you care about being ‘profitable’. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five things you can do to make sure your website looks great, works perfectly and is optimized for conversion.

Avoid Clutter

It’s always easy for someone overly invested in a project to over-do things. As the owner of a website, you would want to put in as much information as you can about your product or service on your website. While it may seem like you’re making your website more informative, you’re missing out on the big picture.

Avoid Clutters
No one likes a messy desk.

People don’t want to sift through loads of content to get what they want. They want to find what they want as quickly as possible. So keep the content to a minimum and be to the point about what every.

Use relevant images

Images are one of the topmost important pieces of content on a website. They decide the whole feel of the website. If you’re going for artsy, you’d put in pictures of the stars and constellations. If you’re going for practical, you’d use icons related directly to your service.

relevant images
This is relevant enough for a blog about websites and technology!

While the overall feel of the images can be whatever you like, make sure the images are used correctly on the website. Images get a lot of attention simply because of their size in proportion to anything else on the website. So even if you want to be creative, the images in the contact us section should immediately make a viewer think ‘contact’.

Use HTML5 Animations

With all that content, all those images and so many features, it’s pretty hard to get someone’s attention when they’re on your website. Pop-ups get blocked, pop-under makes you look like a shady business and Flash animations don’t work on most devices.

html5 animations
Welcome to the new age.

That’s why HTML5 animations are the new ‘thing’. They run smoothly on all devices, they look like HD animations, they have sound, and you can make them say whatever you want, wherever you want! Imagine a space center website with a spaceman floating around. That’s what HTML5 animation can do for you.

Optimize the text

optimize text
Focus on your words.

Here are the things you need to do:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Use a conversational tone.
  • Use headings.
  • Keep the sentences short.
  • Use bullets where there is more information.
  • Don’t bombard visitors with words.

Make everything reachable

Building a website with a lot of information or features is great. Even though Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says, “The trick isn’t adding more, it’s taking away”, sometimes your idea requires there to be ‘more’ rather than ‘less’.

That's more like it!
That’s more like it!

If that’s the case with what you’re building, make sure that you focus on the UI/UX. This means you have to make sure everything you’ve made available to your users is easy to find. A lot of products with great features fail because their users never find all the features.

This list is a never-ending one. There are so many small things you can do with your existing website that lead to instant changes in conversion rates. Keep up with our blog and we’ll keep sharing our secrets!

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