5 things you should know before starting your Social Media ad campaign

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With 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, social media advertising is quickly becoming the go-to medium for new and existing business. While the trend to create social media campaigns is on the rise, the knowledge of how to actually create a high-yielding ad is still pretty scarce. People are shelling out large amounts of cash to pay for social media experts and the results aren’t always pleasing.

We believe spreading knowledge is the way forward so we’ve compiled a list of social media campaign creation tips that have helped us create successful campaigns in the past. Here are 5 things you should know before you create your campaign.

1. Know your product

It all starts with your product or service. To be able to sell it better, it’s important that you know everything about your product. In addition to knowing how it works, you should know how it can benefit people and why anyone should use it. It’s always good to make a list of these things so that you can refer to it when you create your social media ad campaigns and marketing materials.

2. Know your audience

Know Your Audience

If you’ve made a list of all the benefits of your product, this will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of people would be interested in it. It’s also always good to look at some competitors and their campaigns to get an idea of what kind of people they are selling to. Depending on your industry, there’s also a good chance you’ll find some free market research online that will help you figure out your audience.

3. Know your options

Know Your Options

When selecting which social media platform to use for your marketing, one has to be mindful of the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. While Facebook might offer you access to their 1.6 billion worldwide users, you might not find the right type of audience for your specific product. If you’re looking to actually interact with your users, Twitter is way ahead of the curve on that. LinkedIn provides you with access to a more professional audience while Instagram is better if you’re looking for a younger audience.

The decision has to be based on the type of product or service you’re advertising and what type of audience you are looking to attract. Doing some research on the options available with each platform before committing to a campaign is always a good idea.

4. Know your social media platform

Know your social media platform

Once you’ve decided upon a platform for your ad campaign, you need to make sure you know exactly how it works. All of the popular social media platforms provide their own ad campaign creation portals. These offer various options based on your budget and ad type. Before you create your first campaign, it’s imperative to know the ad design requirements for your chosen platform and be familiar with the campaign creation portal.

Taking a look at some social media ad designs online will also help give you an idea of what does and doesn’t work for your selected platform.

5. Know your ad design

Know your ad design

Everything you did until now was behind the scenes; this is where the public actually gets to see your company and your product. Making sure you have a professional ad design is the most important part of a social media ad campaign. If the ad doesn’t catch their eye in a few seconds, you’ve lost the chance for a sale. That’s why it’s always recommended to use a professional social media ad designer. You can give them your ideas but these things are best left to professionals.

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