How You Can Use HTML5 Web Animations to Boost Business

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Boost Business with HTML5 Animation

How You Can Use HTML5 Web Animations to Boost Business

It’s a well-known fact in the marketing world that the first step in making a sale is to get your prospective customers to at least take a glance at what you’re selling. Physical stores do this by placing massive signs, lights, smoke machines and a plethora of wacky marketing ideas (inflatable balloon men!). Website owners don’t have as many options.

They can’t exactly make smoke come out of a person’s laptop or lights to flash into their face so they need something smarter. This is why web animations are the way to go for online marketers. Web animations instantly grab the attention of any visitor as it’s a natural instinct to look towards something that’s moving on your screen. Here we will discuss the different ways you can use animations on the internet to attract more customers and boost your business.

On Your Website

This is obviously the first thing most people do. If you have a static website with no moving parts, visitors will automatically look towards anything they see moving. This is a good way to promote certain items or special offers. Simply putting up an HTML5 logo animation can also boost your website’s image as a cool-looking animated logo can leave a huge impact on any website visitor.

HTML5 icon animations are also a good way to add some weight to your website’s design. While even the buttons on your website can be animated however you want them. The website background animation is another trick you can pull off to give your website that added touch of class.

Web Ads

If you’re running ads on the internet and your website’s ads is being placed on loads of websites, you should know that it’s not going to be the only one there. You have to fight with competitors to make sure your ad is most visible. Some people do this by putting up bright colors and clear text but once everyone starts doing that, it loses its charm. Having an HTML5 ad animation will simply command the most attention.

Web Banners

Whether you’re running banners on your own website or on an ad network, making it DO things is the best way to attract the most attention and make sure your call to action doesn’t go unseen. You can make text fly out, cartoon characters jump around or simply have a background moving about, highlighting your product or service.


So now you know what HTML5 animations can do for you, there’s absolutely no reason to at least try one out and see what it does for your website conversion. There’s a reason online marketers are falling head-over-heels for HTML5. It’s because it’s AWESOME!

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