Why HTML5 Animations are the Future of Web Animation


html5 animations

There was a time when Flash animation was all the rage with web designers. Having some sort of animation on your page or banner has always been good for sales as they grab your visitor’s attention and make them look at whatever you are selling but Flash has always been a bane for web developers as it comes with a number of glitches and fails to load on many browsers. On top of that, people are continuously annoyed by Flash asking for updates all the time and the fact that most iOS and Mac devices do not even support Flash.

This is where HTML5 comes in. HTML5 is the latest animation technology that lets you place animations anywhere you want on the web without all the issues that you had to face with Flash. The following are some reasons that make us absolutely SURE that HTML5 is the future of web animation.

Compatible with ANYTHING

Yes, HTML5 animations display perfectly on any browser on any device. Whether you are placing an animation on a responsive page or are running a banner through Google Ads, an HTML5 animation will never be out of sync or wrongly sized. With the new craze of running multiple browsers and using multiple devices, HTML5 animations seem to be the only way to make sure your animated image displays correctly.

Fully Customizable – Animate anything you want!

You can grab literally any type of image and make it do whatever you want with HTML5. It could be a photo, a banner, a logo or even a doodle! You can even add sound and the number of elements you can customize is literally infinite.

Super-Fast Loading Times

Unlike Flash, HTML5 doesn’t require a third-party plugin or add-on to run. This means that even if you put up an HTML5 logo that animates every time a webpage is opened, you won’t be adding any pressure on the site-load time. This is very important for web developers as shaving off even a few seconds from your site-load time can be a massive achievement.

Doesn’t take Forever to Create

Thanks to Adobe’s Edge, creating HTML5 animations doesn’t mean you’re going to have to wait weeks to get your animation done. In the right hands, Adobe Edge lets you create an animation within hours (depending on the complexity of the animation) and is a very reliable software, with little to no glitches reported.

You can Put Them Anywhere

Thanks to the nature of HTML5 animations, you can literally place them anywhere on the internet. On a webpage, in a banner, in an ad or even in a blog post!

The list of things you can do with HTML5 is extensive and is growing by the day. We suggest jumping on the bandwagon while you still can!

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  • Well I have heard that html5 animation are not fully supported by internet explorer old versions ?

    • Yes in old browsers HTML5 is not supported but for that we add a screenshot of the animation. So a static image will show instead of the animation.


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